Custom Moulds


While there are many off-the shelf swimming protection products available custom made swim moulds offer the best protection. Traditionally these were made by first taking an impression of the ear canal and then sending it away for manufacture. This adds cost to the process and typically swim moulds would cost in the region of €150 - €200 per pair. The availability of new materials has allowed custom moulds to be made directly from the impression, thus reducing time and cost while maintain the benefits of a custom made product. Directly made moulds are priced at €40 per pair.


  • Made while you wait
  • Fits snugly into your ear for extra comfort
  • Protects against moisture and water
  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • Visible colour and floats on water to prevent loss
  • Suitable for adults and children (including those with grommets


Your hearing is important so why not protect it. Prolonged exposure to loud sounds is known to cause permanent hearing damage. Our range of custom made moulds offer excellent protection against loud sounds. These are effective, comfortable, easy to manage and discrete.


A range of custom made in-ear-monitors and noise plugs are available for audiophiles and musicians alike. Prices are available on application.

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