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Hear Again is an independent hearing service provider, offering both home based (domicillary) and clinic based hearing services in the Dublin and Leinster region. As an independent hearing service provider Hear Again offers a choice of quality hearing products from the world's leading manufacturers including Siemens, Oticon and Phonak.

Our services include:

  • Hearing tests and Consultations
  • Hearing Aid prescription, dispensing and fitting*
  • Hearing aid service and repairs (all makes)
  • Earwax removal by microsuction or irrigation
  • Custom solutions for a range of activities, including noise protection, swimming and music

A Treatment Benefit Scheme grant is available for suitably qualified persons up to a value of €1000

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Gabriel Phelan, FdSc Hearing Aid Audiology

Gabriel is a qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist with over 30 years work experince. He is a member of ISHAA, the governing body for hearing aid dispensers in Ireland and he is also registered with the Health Professional Council in the UK. Gabriel qualified from Oxford Brookes University in the UK with an Honours Foundation degree in hearing aid audiology. This qualifies him to dispense hearing aids in accordance with ISHAA rules and regulations. Gabriel also holds a qualification from Aston University in the UK for cerumen management (ear wax removal). He also holds third level qualifications in Electronics and Instrumentation.

Gabriel's work experience includes the hearing aid retail sector, he also provided a hearing service for a national charity that provides services to deaf and hard of hearing people. This background enables him to fully understand the patient journey and to prescribe and dispense the most appropriate products for clients with hearing loss. He is committed at all times with providing clients with the best possible level of service.


  • We have recently been using the services of audiologist Gabriel Phelan. Following many failed attempts to remove wax from ear syringing we contacted Gabriel- Gabriel uses a different technique in removing ear wax-Irrigation which is a very gentle intervention which has much less potential complications. He has even managed to irrigate some of our more challenging resident with dementia. As you can imagine following the removal of the wax we have seen an improvement in the residents’ Quality of Life. Staff, residents and families have all praised the services he has provided to date.
    Private Nursing Home
  • At all times Gabriel provided a high level of service, demonstrating his ability to provide the most appropriate product and service for his clients. Client safety, care and empathy were priorities for Gabriel.
  • It was great to have my hearing problems solved. It was a pleasure dealing with Gabriel, because he explained everything in simple terms. I fully understand all about my hearing loss now and I find my hearing aids have improved my quality of life.
  • I have significant hearing loss and was finding it difficult to follow conversations in noisy environments and at conference call meetings. Hear Again fitted me with hearing aids which have transformed my hearing. Gabriel gave me great personalised attention and customised my hearing aids for my specific needs. Now I can hear phone conversations, the singing of birds and the finer tones in music. Visits to the cinema and theatre are much more enjoyable now as I can hear the actors. Overall the attention I received from Hear Again has been exemplary and Gabriel monitors my needs regularly. I am very happy with the service I receive.
  • My hearing loss meant that for many years I missed out on conversations with family and friends. I went to Gabriel for a hearing test and advice. Gabriel listened to me and what I needed. He provided me with a pair of modern digital hearing aids and over a couple of appointments was able to set my hearing aids so that I now have exactly the sound that I want.
  • I would like to place my appreciation on record for your excellent service in providing my hearing aid. Being able to hear clearly has made a huge difference to my every day life and my only regret is that I didn't discover you sooner. That I've adapted to wearing a hearing aid so quickly is due in no small measure to the time and effort you invested in the process. I would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone who has a hearing problem.
    Eileen Walshe
  • Everything is just so much better, I don't know where to start. I hear my grandkids learning to speak. I chat freely in the house, in the street, on the phone and at the club. I even Skype the kids. The days when people sounded like they were talking to me from a different room are well gone. Life is rich and full again. I only wish I'd got them much sooner; everything would be tough without them now. And Gabriel was just great with me. I appreciate his sensitivity, care and patience. If you are struggling to hear you should definitely chat to him. I recommend him without reservation.
    David , 65
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